Eco Home Designs

As builders, and more importantly as members of the community, we are always looking to the future when helping you with your new home build or renovation project. We offer our expertise in creating healthier, energy efficient and sustainable homes. They will not only stand the test of time, but save you money on energy costs and reduce your impact on the environment. A statement that rings true to JMI's vision when building is, “why are we paying to live on a planet that is free to us?” To start this change is to view our environment and the way we interact with it. We can start building homes that benefit us and support us, but still keep a modern and aesthetically pleasing look.

Eco homes of today focus on three main aspects: efficient use of water, electricity and building materials. Common features such as the smart use of sustainable resources, triple glazing, LED Lighting, solar generated electricity or water heating, underfloor water heating, steel and glass construction, and passive solar environments reducing airflow and enhancing heat retention capabilities are becoming standard. Whether you are looking to build or renovate you now have the opportunity to source materials and services that can assist in the pursuit of sustainable living without sacrificing comfort or style.

Our Director, staff and reliable sub-contractors offer a wealth of experience in the building industry. You can rest assure when your home is backed by a 10 year Master Build guarantee. At JMI Construction we will work with you to create a smart, healthy home that is right for you.