Six Essential Tools For A Builders Toolbox

Posted by on 14 December 2016

toolbox smVersatility is the key when working on site, having the right tools for the job is essential. All building professionals have a set of trusty and reliable tools central to any construction project. These are the ones they simply can’t do without, the ones that travel everywhere with them, the ones they rely on to get the job done.

Although some tools can be cumbersome taking up a lot of space in the van or the back of the ute, they can mean the difference between a job that takes five minutes and one that takes much longer. Having the right tool on hand exactly when you need it, can save you time and money.

Some tools that you will find in every builder's toolbox are:

The Power Saw

From the humble handsaw through to the more complicated power saws, no builder is going to get far without some kind of saw. Portable Table Saws, Mitre Saws and Circular Saws are common place among professional builders, their versatility for all types of jobs make them indispensable on the construction site.

Circular saws are useful for more portable cutting circumstances. For example, when it is necessary to take the saw to the materials, perhaps in instances where products are already installed. Table saws can make long, accurate cuts in many types of wood, from hardwood to softwood planks, plywood sheeting and particle board. A Mitre saw is the workhorse of the construction site, its simple design allows the saw head to be positioned at different angles making it useful for cutting bevels and mitres.

The Measuring Tape

The measuring tape is absolutely essential for any build project. While traditional measuring tapes have their limitations, more modern battery powered laser measuring tools fill the gap with instant and accurate measurements, even performing helpful calculations like room volumes and square meterage. Added features may include measurement of continuous distances.

Lightweight and compact, laser measuring tools along with the good old measuring tape are easily carried in a builders apron.

The Drill

Power drills are vital to any building site, whether new builds, renovations or a quick fix it job the drill is probably one of the most used tools of any builder. While still portable the most powerful drills are usually powered by electricity, requiring a power cord. For the ultimate in portability and convenience there are also cordless drills powered by rechargeable batteries.

Often there are situations where the cordless drill will suffice, and others where the extra boost of an electric drill is necessary, meaning most builders will in fact have both available for use.

The Nail Gun

By no means a replacement for the good old claw hammer, think of it more as an enhanced version. Nail guns essentially take the hard work out of repetitive hammering, saving time and energy on the build site. There are various models available on the market, most commonly powered by compressed air.

Even though a nail gun has become indispensable, the trusty old claw hammer still takes pride and place in any builder’s apron, performing an array of useful tasks that reach far beyond simply hammer in a nail.

The Spirit Level

When building or renovating it is always important to establish whether a surface is level or plumb. A spirit level or laser line electronic level will come in handy in a multitude of ways on any build site. The laser line level combines a spirit level and plumb bob with a rotatable laser that displays horizontal and vertical lines on any surface allowing greater accuracy and ease of use.

Whether you choose to go hi-tech or stick with the traditional version, a level is a builder’s best friend on any build project, big or small.

The Smartphone

Not something that immediately springs to mind when thinking about builder’s tools, but the advent of the smartphone has brought about convenience, access to information and methods of communication previously unavailable on a build site.

Equally as important as any of the other tools mentioned above, the smartphone means builders are able to organise, schedule and keep up to date with deliveries, contractors, suppliers and crucial time frames. This valuable contribution to any professional builder’s efficiency cements its place in every builder’s toolbox.

Regardless of the size or scope of the building project it is important to have the tried and tested tools to get the job done right first time. For more information contact the professional team at JMI Construction in Christchurch today for all your new build and renovation needs.