How To Find The Best Queenstown Builder

Posted by on 19 September 2016

queenstown homesLooking for a qualified builder in Queenstown?  Local knowledge is something that is hard to put a price tag on, building companies that live and work in the local area have longstanding relationships with businesses within the community are well versed in regional regulations and building conditions.  Queenstown building companies face some unique challenges in relation to extreme weather, ground conditions and the relative remoteness of the location.  The valuable knowledge of local builders is something that cannot be underestimated when searching for a professional builder for your next Queenstown build project.  

Whether you are looking to build a holiday batch or large family home choosing a builder is a very important decision able to affect the entire outcome of your build project.  Not sure where to begin?  See below for some questions you might want answered to ensure you find the right builder for the job.

Are They Licensed Building Practitioners?

Licensed Building Practitioners (LPB) are exactly that, Licensed.  They have been assessed as competent members of their profession, able to undertake work essential to a residential building's structure or weather tightness.  Take a look through the Public Register to see if a builder is licensed.

Do Their Skills And Previous Experience Match The Scope Of Your Project?

Some builders specialise in specific types of new home builds or renovations, differences in the needs of your project and the usual work completed by the builder could lead to a miss-match of ideas, materials and contractors.  Things to consider are price range, style and types of homes the builder has worked on in the past, you want to see some experience in building similar homes to yours.

Do They Belong To A Reputable Trade Association?

In New Zealand the two most recognised trade associations are the Registered Master Builders and the New Zealand Certified Builders Association however there are various other trade associations which your builder may be a member of also.  Bear in mind that not every good builder will be a member of these associations but membership does show dedicated commitment to quality and professionalism.

Are Previous Customers Satisfied?

Look for good referrals and references, a quick internet search of your selected builder can yield some useful reviews and comments, or ask the company itself for some past feedback.  Where possible make contact with some of these, a good question to ask would be “If you were to build again would you use the same builder?”  Where possible, viewing homes previously built by the selected builder is important, look for quality, attention to detail, products used and the overall feel of the place.

Do They Provide Any Warranties? 

When building a new home, one of the major benefits is that all of the components are new and should not require any major repairs for quite some time.  Your builder should be able to provide structural, product and general warranties for varying periods of time following the completion of the build along with proper maintenance and specific product care advice.

Do They Employ Quality Sub-Contractors? 

The contractors that the builder employs to complete the parts of your home that they are unqualified for, are just as vital to the build project.  This includes electricians, plumbers, painters, tilers, and carpenters for the kitchen cabinetry.  Don’t be afraid to ask for contractor details and follow up with an investigation into their past work.

Do They Have A Good Reputation Within The Community? 

Other tradesmen and building related businesses can be a valuable source of information on local builders.  Most tradesmen who have been around a while will have worked with various building companies in the past and will have some favourites.  Ask for key reasons as to why they prefer one builder over another, and seek out several opinions to be sure an unbiased viewpoint.

You are entrusting your whole build project in the hands of your builder.  Everyone knows mistakes can be costly; it makes sense to ensure you find the best Queenstown builder for the job.