Queenstown Builders

Along with our commitment to helping the residents of Christchurch build homes they love, we also have a dedicated team of builders and sub-contractors, including an architect, in the Queenstown area.  With numerous projects underway, our experienced Queenstown team offer the same high level of commitment, dedication and skill for every job and will ensure that your new home or renovation project, no matter what size or style, is constructed within your budget and to the highest standards.

One of the defining elements when building in Queenstown is the extreme temperatures; the cold winter months in particular present a variety of challenges, along with rugged terrain, restricted spaces and access issues.  Building conditions can vary greatly even between suburbs, with some situated on steep hillsides and others in low lying valleys. 

Building In The Greater Queenstown Area

Central Queenstown real estate is very expensive partly due to restricted amounts of land available for development geographically and partly the town’s popularity within the tourism industry. Out of the central city, along the Frankton Arm of Lake Wakatipu, you will pass through Gold Field Heights and Marina Heights, and then bordered by the Kawarau and Shotover Rivers the suburb of Frankton, home to Queenstown’s international airport.

In the suburbs of Fernhill and Sunshine Bay, you will find many older homes tucked between the base of Ben Lomond Mountain and the shores of Lake Wakatipu, on the road to Glenorchy. 

Kelvin Heights, one of New Zealand’s most expensive suburbs, lies across the Kawarau River along Peninsula Road next to the Queenstown Golf Course. Further out is the fairly new development known as Jack’s Point, a subdivision that has specific design elements recommended for each new build.

Heading out along the Frankton-Ladies Mile highway you will encounter Lower Shotover and Lake Hayes Estate which is a relatively flat, spacious subdivision approximately 15 minutes’ drive from central Queenstown. 

Travelling North from Queenstown up along Gorge Road is the settlement of Arthurs Point, home of the ShotoverJetboats. East of this you will find the higher hill suburbs of Dalefield, Queenstown Hill, and even further out the historic township of Arrowtown.

Following the Kawarau River as it heads back towards Lake Dunstan, about 60 km East of Queenstown is the township of Cromwell. Currently experiencing strong population growth, Cromwell’s popularity has risen in recent years prompting an increase in industrial development and new residential subdivisions.

Below Cromwell 20 km to the south you will find the small town of Alexandra. Considered the hottest, driest and coldest town in New Zealand, Alexandra is surrounded by distinctive schist rock formations and bare high country plains.

50 kilometres to the north of Cromwell lies the tourist resort town of Wanaka.  Surrounded by mountains the centre of the town is relatively flat where it meets the Roys Bay arm of Lake Wanaka, with expansion taking place in the surrounding hills.

Healthier Building Environments

Having spent many winter seasons based in Arrowtown, freezing cold and having to wear snowboard clothing while sitting in the lounge. Johnno was left wondering why New Zealand’s housing standards are so low compared to other parts of the world with the same climate conditions.  It has become a personal mission of his to bring realistic retro-fit, redesign and new build solutions to the residents of Queenstown, with the view to creating more sustainable homes that will withstand the harsh weather conditions, reduce environmental impact and energy costs – establishing healthier long term living experiences.

Looking forward, JMI Construction sees more people questioning “Why are we paying to live on a planet that is free to us?”  We see a fundamental shift in the way the building industry is progressing, with more and more people looking for homes that support and benefit the wellbeing of the occupants and the environment, while still keeping a modern aesthetically pleasing look.

If you're looking at building in the Queenstown area then talk to JMI Construction first.  We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your Queenstown new home or renovation requirements.