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When it comes to renovation and new homes there is no one else you need than JMI Construction on your side to make the impossible seem possible.

Whatever the challenge we are up for it, we have worked in the hardest of places in Christchurch, using helicopters to fly equipment in and cranes to pour concrete on steep hill sides, to digging the deepest foundations to get your slab sitting level and strong, and meet the deadlines every time.

We started up in 2008 and have been going strong helping people move back into their homes after the devastation of the earthquakes that hit Canterbury, we work with all the major insurance companies and they call on us to fix up what other builders cant complete or don’t know how to, we have all the contacts you need if you decide to opt out, geo techs, engineers, architects, house lifters you name it we can supply it and get you up and going and with a building crew of over 20 local staff, feel safe in knowing you will be looked after every step of the way.

Having a background in architectural design, provides us with both an in-depth understanding of the complexities involved in construction, and an innate ability to visualize unique solutions for specific spaces especially when it comes to renovation. We take pride in every piece of work we create, pouring the same care and attention to detail into the smallest task as we do to the most complicated project. 

Over the years we’ve established productive professional relationships with an extensive range of sub-contractors, whose proven ability to produce work of the highest calibre allows us a great understanding and ease to work alongside each other for over 8 years completing projects

Every home that is finished we always make sure that you as the home owner are satisfied with the result before we walk away and leave you to relish in your new space. That you actually enjoy the experience of building or renovating rather than worry, with weekly meetings and up to date schedules building has never been more relaxing and easy 

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